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Travel Aids


Travel Tips

  • Have Options: Take multiple methods to access your funds. If you lose a card, or it gets blocked, don’t let it be the only source of funds!
    • Debit Card
    • Visa Credit Card
    • MasterCard Cash Passport
    • Cash / Foreign Currency
  • File a Notice of Travel in advance so we can prevent your card from getting flagged for suspected fraud.
  • Be aware of different fraud techniques travelers face:
    • Skimming devices can be attached to card terminals and retrieve all your card information with one swipe
    • Using unsecure computers and networks can expose your data.
  • Keep important phone numbers in an accessible place separate from your cards. If you need to call about your card, know where to get the phone number.
  • Be aware that your hotel may place holds on your funds and not release them for several days.
  • Many car rental companies do not accept debit cards.


Notice of Travel

  • File a Notice of Travel to help prevent your cards getting blocked from irregular use
  • Fill out the form and return it to the Credit Union
  • Be sure to include ways we can contact you during your travels (cell phone, email, etc.)


Lost / Stolen Cards

Report your card as soon as you realize it is missing:

  • Visa Credit Cards: 1-800-325-3678
  • Debit Cards: 1-800-528-2273    for outside the U.S. 1-812-647-9794
  • MasterCard Cash Passport: 1-888-713-3424